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EFY's Electronics Industry Directory (EID) 2018

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What is EID?

EID's Directory Section lists over 10,000 leading suppliers of electronics components, products and equipment, along with their updated contact details.
EID's Buyers' Guide (Yellow Pages) lists suppliers across more than 2,800 product categories.
Key product categories for which suppliers are listed in EID: Components (1200+ suppliers), Manufacturing Equipment (550+ suppliers), LED Lighting (1000+ suppliers), Test & Measurement Equipment (1550+ suppliers), Education & Training Products Suppliers (200+ suppliers), Solar Products (650+ suppliers), and Power Supplies & Batteries (1250+ suppliers).
Contact details of all suppliers are updated annually via emails and phone calls by the EFY team.
A handy guide for decision makers, who need to take business decisions on purchase, sales, joint ventures, dealerships, etc.

What's New?

Green Pages: Like the Yellow Pages, this is a new section listing all types of suppliers involved in the LED Lighting sector. Over 1000 suppliers are listed here!
Industry Report Section: A compilation of Industry Reports that provide an annual overview of India's Electronics Sector.
Line Cards Section: A new feature that helps those involved in purchase decisions access the Line Cards of leading component suppliers, all at one place.
Policy Makers & Influencers: This is a dedicated section in the Directory that provides a comprehensive list of Government Organisations & Trade Associations connected with the electronics industry.



What does EFY’s Electronics Industry Directory (EID) offer?

Here’s a list of the important sections in the EID, along with a brief description of what these contain.

Policy Update: Updates on key policies of the Central Government governing the Indian electronics industry.
Industry Update: Industry reports on the overall Indian electronics industry and key sectors including LED Lighting, Consumer Electronics, Strategic Electronics, IoT, etc.
Yellow Pages (Buyers’ Guide): A product-category based listing of suppliers. Over 2,800 product categories are listed here.
Green Pages: A focused product-category based listing of LED & Lighting suppliers only. Over 1000 suppliers are listed here.
Directory Section: An alphabetical listing of all the suppliers along with their contact details, etc.
Brand Index: Brand-wise listing of suppliers.
Ministries, Government Departments & Institutions, and Public Sector Units: Key central and state government departments, institutions, etc, that are connected with the electronics industry.
Electronics & Allied Trade Associations: Prominent trade associations related to electronics.
Quality & Testing Service Providers: A list of leading quality, testing and certification service providers for electronic products.

Directory Section


Yellow Pages (Buyers' Guide)


2,800+ Product Categories

1Electronics Components

2Electronics Manufacturing Equipment

3Test & Measurement Equipment

4Government Organisations & PSUs
5Trade Associations

6Electronics Manufacturing Services (EMS)

7PCB Manufacturers & Suppliers

8Quality Testing & Assurance Firms

Yellow Pages

This section allows you to search for suppliers dealing in a particular product category. These product categories are alphabetically sorted and so are the suppliers listed under each category.
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The Directory in Numbers



The EID comes with a total of 514 pages, which include the Contents, Directory, Yellow Pages, Green Pages, and Line Cards Section.

Product Categories

Each product category is followed by a list of suppliers from where the product can be bought. The complete contact details of each supplier are listed in the main Directory.

Who Uses EID? Why?

The primary objective of EFY’s Electronics Industry Directory (EID) is to promote trade and commerce within the electronics industry. The combination of the Directory and Yellow Pages (Buyers’ Guide) enables different types of business-use cases. Here are some examples of who uses EID and for what purpose:
Purchase Decision Makers who seek Suppliers for the components, equipment and services they need
Dealers & Distributors who seek Principals to represent
Principals who seek Dealers & Distributors for reselling their products
Sales & Marketing Personnel who seek Customers to sell to
Government Officials who seek Industry contacts
Academia seeking tie-ups and engagement with the Industry

About EID

Electronics Industry Directory (EID) is India's only B2B directory for the electronics industry. Published since 1969, it today lists 10,000-plus suppliers in the Indian electronics industry including manufacturers, importers and traders, in its Directory section. EID’s Yellow Pages section lists 2,800-plus product categories, with the companies from which these products can be bought listed under them. So the EID not only provides the updated contact details of all leading electronic component, equipment and product suppliers in its Directory section, but also tells you where to get these from in the Yellow Pages section, where it provides a product-wise supplier’s list. EID also lists all the important government organisations and industry associations in the Indian electronics industry.

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